Lawn Tractor Service
Boone's Power Equipment, Inc.
1050 Diamond Mill Rd
Brookville, OH

Service Description

Three Preventive Maintenance Plans to Choose From:

Metric Service Plan:

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Lubricate and Grease
  • Sharpen and Balance Blades
  • Clean Underside of Deck
  • Check Tire Pressures
  • Check Air Filter
  • Pressure Wash Unit
  • Provide Basic Inspection

Premium Service Plan:

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Replace Air Filter(s)
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Replace Spark Plug(s)
  • Lubricate and Grease
  • Sharpen and Balance Blades
  • Service Battery
  • Check Charging System
  • Removed Deck (when applicable)
  • Inspect transmission Belt & Idlers
  • Inspect Mower Deck Belts & Bearings
  • Check and Adjust Tire Pressures
  • Inspect/Adjust Brakes & Steering
  • Inspect All Safety Devices
  • Level Mower Deck
  • Set Engine RPM
  • Clean Underside of Deck
  • Pressure Wash Unit
  • Check Cables (when applicable)
  • Top off Fluids
  • Clean Radiator (when applicable)
  • Check Radiator Hoses & Clamps (when applicable)
  • Check Air Intake Hoses (when applicable)
  • Check and Adjust Alternator Belt (when applicable)
  • Provide Thorough Inspection

Platinum Service Plan

  • Pickup and Delivery is Included
  • Unlimited Pickup and Delivery for all the mowing season
  • TOP PRIORITY SERVICE, if something unexpected happens to your mower during the season, you will be put to the top of our schedule